Growing graffiti problem in Logan

By Cristina Rendon

Published 06/11 2012 06:11PM

Updated 06/11 2012 07:09PM

LOGAN, Utah (ABC 4 News) - The search is for a group of vandals responsible for a graffiti crime spree across the city.

Spray-paint started popping up on local businesses and private property over the weekend, including at least two LDS churches.

According to Logan Police, about 40 different locations have been tagged with anarchy signs or vulgar symbols.

Business employees and owners spent Monday trying to wipe off the graffiti from trailers, trucks and fences.

“There’s really no point to this,” Aaron Boman, assistant manager for Lee’s Grocery in Logan, said. “I was really surprised because I've never heard of anything like this happening around here.”

The vandals go to work at night and have since tagged about 40 different locations in Logan, North Logan and Smithville.

Logan Chief of Police Gary Jensen said the graffiti may be gang related.

“We do have tagging periodically throughout the city, but this is an issue where the tagging has gone well beyond what we expect to see,” Jensen said.

The growing graffiti problem is a setback for the local businesses targeted. It comes with a large price tag too. Thousands of dollars in total damage is estimated.

“I just hope they catch the guys and teach them a lesson,” Boman added.

If you have any information about who may be responsible for the rash of criminal mischief call Logan Police at 435-753-7555.

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