Where Women Can Go to Get A Confidence Boost

The Draper City Chamber of Commerce is hosting a 2-Day Women's Celebration featuring the founder of "The Lies I Tell Myself Project", Victoria Wynn. She joined Midday ahead of the event with a preview. The event is happening on Wednesday and Thursday May 18th & 19th.
The event is for women looking to learn how to take all areas of their life up several notches in  a short period of time. The conference will cover topics important to women like working to get a boost of inner confidence and gaining a deeper connection to their kids, no longer attracting drama into their romantic relationships and alleviating financial stress. They’ll learn how they attracted the challenges in the first place and the best part, how to unravel them and keep them unraveled! 
The conference is for all women over 18 who can tell there’s more out there for them but ache for the tools to tap into that confidence or peace in their relationships. 
During day 1 attendees will break down what it means to lie to ourselves. They will delve into the lies that have been  holding them back from their goals and dreams. The day is devoted towards practicing self  awareness. It’ll be packed with a-ha moments. Day 2 teaches what actual truths are. 
Women's Celebration
Millennial Falls Wedding & Event Center in Draper
TIME: 8am-4pm both days


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