Redacted 911 tapes released in fatal Lindon shooting

By Brian Carlson

Published 07/07 2014 09:26PM

Updated 07/07 2014 10:21PM

LINDON, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – People are now hearing what it was like when a man with a gun shot up a Lindon condominium complex. One man was killed during the shooting. Now, the 911 calls, albeit with some parts redacted, are being released.

911 Operator: "People are shooting at, in your house?"
Caller: "Ya, he's shooting my front door... I don't know what to do."

This is what it sounded like last week when 59 year old Fred Lee began shooting up a condominium complex in Lindon.

911 Operator: "Okay so a man with gray hair is shooting at people?"
Caller: "I don't know whether he's shooting at people, but he's just broke into the house."

Police said Lee was looking for his ex-wife Joy Lee Sidwell, at her home near 200 North and 400 West in Lindon. She wasn't there, but her new husband Michael Sidwell was. When he answered the door, Lee shot and killed him.

"There in the doorway of the home he apparently shot the new husband," said Cody Cullimore, Lindon Police Chief.

Caller: "He's bleeding I'm not sure from what."
911 Operator: "He was bleeding?"
Caller: "Ya, cuz we got blood on our walls."

"He then went door to door in a triplex of condominiums units and shot his way into two other units, looking for, her believing she was hiding at the scene," said Cullimore.

Caller: "I think they (inaudible)."
911 Operator: "You think they what?"
Caller: "Hey stop, stop."

Caller: "Ya she is not here. She lives in the other..."
"(Inaudible)… here."
Lee: "Okay, I'm sorry to bust in. (inaudible) ...this is my property, my property, I got cheated out of
it by Joy. Well (redacted)."

Lee didn't find his ex-wife. When police arrived he gave himself up, much to the relief of her frightened neighbors.

Caller: "The police are here now."
911 Operator: "Okay, I'll let you go. Okay?"
Caller: "Okay, okay."
911 Operator: "Okay. Bye, bye."

One of the things you don't get from the calls, is Lee had a long history with police. The chief said they responded many times with him for calls of domestic violence. They said his medical history affected his mental state. His ex-wife told ABC 4 Utah that he made many threats to kill people for various reasons. She said he should've been in prison long ago.

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