Police release 911 call recordings in Logan murder suicide

By Brian Carlson

Published 07/21 2014 08:55PM

Updated 07/23 2014 10:17AM

LOGAN, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Police are now releasing the 911 calls made during last week's murder suicide in Logan. You can hear the fear some callers were experiencing, and how another caller discovered the bodies.

911 Operator: "Ok, so what kind of an accident?"
Caller #1: "Um, I don't know. There's smoke and there's..."
911 Operator: "There's smoke?"
Caller #1: "Yah, and there's two people really hurt."

This is what sounded like during the murder suicide in Logan.

911 Operator: "And you said there's smoke?"
Caller #2: "Yah, there's smoke, we heard like gunshots or fireworks, something go off, now the
fire alarm is going off."

Police are now releasing the 911 calls made when 23 year old Jared Tolman allegedly shot and killed himself, 25 year old Johnathan Sadler and 19 year old Mackenzie Madden.

"The female victim is acquainted with the individual that we believe was the shooter. They are acquainted, what their relationship was I don't know," said Lt. Rob Peterson, Logan Police Dept.

As seen on Tolman's Facebook page, he was an active member of the Army National Guard. Friends said he and Madden used to date. Last Monday, armed with a gun Tolman broke into Madden's apartment building near 6th East and 5th North and began frightening the some of the people living there.

Caller #3: (whispering)
911 Operator: "Ok, I'm having a hard time hearing you. I know you're trying to whisper, but..."
Caller #3: "Ok, you know the... (whispering)"

The caller believed Tolman was in her apartment. It's unclear when shots were fired, but another caller found the bodies of Madden and Sadler.

Caller #1: "There's a girl and a boy, the girl's leg is busted open, they're both..."
911 Operator: "So there's two people, there's two people that are unconscious?"
Caller #1: "Yes."

It's unclear if there were any other people in the apartment building who heard the gunshots and found the bodies, but we know police believe Tolman was looking for a third victim, and when he didn't find them, he killed himself.

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