DMV admits possibility of mistaken license suspension letters

By Brian Carlson

Published 09/05 2012 09:17PM

Updated 09/06 2012 11:57AM

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – Tens of thousands of people in Utah recently received a letter from the DMV, threatening to take their license away.

Some of them may have been sent in the mail by mistake.

The state of Utah’s Driver License Division just sent out 14,000 copies of a letter detailing changes to Utah law. It's basically a warning for people who got busted for DUI, and it outlines some stiff penalties. But not everyone who got one needs to follow what it says.

If you have ever been convicted of driving while intoxicated, odds are you can recognize an ignition interlock; you have to blow on it before you can start your car. Recently the state of Utah sent out thousands of warning letters to drivers required to have them. It says if they don't, the state will "suspend the person's driving privileges."

But there's only one problem.

"Some of these people may have got this letter by mistake?” Reporter Brian Carlson asked.

“That's true," said Dwayne Baird, Utah Dept. of Public Safety Spokesperson.

Baird said the letter may have been sent to several dozen people no longer required to have an ignition interlock.

"If the time frame that they would be on restriction had ended by the end of August, let's say, and those letters were printed the week before that ended, and they got a letter, that may be part of the situation," said Baird.

“If you got one of these letters and you don't need a breathalyzer for your car, you may be a little freaked out when it says you could lose your license,” said Carlson.

So what do you do? Baird recommends taking a deep breath and to calmly call the Utah Driver License Division and they'll clear up the mistake.

"They'll make sure that if in fact that you're not supposed to be there, they'll verify that and you won't have to comply with that interlock device," said Baird.

If you're one of the few who got the letter by mistake, you still need to clear it up with the DMV right away. In the less than two months, the state will still suspend your license.

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