Wesley Ruff - Hole #2

Another golf memory in my "round of 18"...

I was playing in the Champions Challenge pro-am about 5 years ago. I wasn't hitting it particularly well. We came to #17, a nasty par 3 over the Jordan River. The wind was behind us, so I was able to hit an 8 iron. The pin was up front, but I didn't think I got all of it, and I expected the ball to come up short or end up in the river. I don't see as well far away as I used to, so I didn't see it land. But the guys in my group did, and they started screaming and yelling. The ball stopped just a half a roll short of the cup! It was the closest I've ever come to a hole in one. I got to write my name on the marker, which seriously was just an inch away from the hole.
Vince Gill, the country music superstar, was also playing in that pro-am (he was the entertainment that night at the awards ceremony), and came through that hole after me. When I ran into him in the clubhouse after the round, he asked if it was me who hit that shot. I proudly said it was. Then he asked me if I made the putt! Ha! Yeah, Vince, I manged to sneak it in. I also won a big flat screen TV for the "closest to the hole" contest. It's been on my bedroom wall ever since!

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