As of the last couple of weeks, this has been a pretty awesome winter. While it’s been warm and rainy in the valley, the mountains are getting pounded with powder. That couldn’t be truer than for Powder Mountain.

I ventured up Ogden Canyon for my first time last Friday… which just happened to be a POW day. ‘Magical’ is the best word I can use to describe a powder day at Powder. I swear electricity pulsed through entire resort. Every where you looked was an untouched winter wonderland… yours for the playing.

It was a weekday which meant lighter crowds and the slopes practically to ourselves. But, the few of us diehards who were there braving what seemed like at blizzard (blowing winds, snow coming from every direction) – we had an unspeakable camaraderie. On my way down the slope, light fluffy snow beneath me. Above me, dudes on the lift hooping and hollering… excited for me, knowing we were all there having the same experience. You could here random shouts of jubilation, cheers, and laughter echoing in the distance as others celebrated the day too.

Eventually the wind became too strong and the resort closed the lifts. An employee snowmobiler gave us a lift back to the base. Pow Mow was closed the following two days. Perhaps that’s what makes that place special. You enjoy the heck out of it when you get the opportunity. And it always leaves you wanting more.

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