Kim Johnson - Gotta get back to the Basin

Picked a great first day to try out Snow Basin Ski resort! Tons of fresh powder and practically had the place to ourselves. I made the drive to Ogden Thursday with my friend Wina. The resort PR extraordinaire, Brooke, somehow found the time to hop on her board and give us a tour. Tough gig, right?

The mountain is huge. 11 lifts, endless terrain. We only had time to get a taste of it, but I got the idea of what the Basin is all about and will definitely be back. I have friends who love that place so much they are considering moving to Ogden, I can see why.

On the day we went, Snow Basin had received 10 inches over night. Brooke said it was the first big powder storm in 4 ½ weeks. You’d think that’d make the masses turn out. But Snow Basin is such a tightly-kept secret that we had zero lift lines and plenty of room for fresh tracks. If the drive is what’s keeping you, consider the fact that SB is more affordable than the PC stuff at $86 for a full-day lift ticket.

If you go, make it a point to eat there. The resort has been rated number 3 in food by Ski Magazine. Their world-famous tomato bisque with Asiago is a must.

Happy trails!

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