Do You Have Spiders in Your Home or Yard?

Drew Scarbrough and Brandon Miller from Edge Pest Control talk about spiders in the Salt Lake Valley.

There are black widows, wolf spiders and jumping spiders in the area. 

The female black widow spider is a poisonous spider.  The black widow's venom is a neurotoxin that attacks the nervous system and may cause pain and serious illness in humans.  The bite is not often felt, but pain develops immediately.  Reaction to the black widow's venom include:  increased body temperature and blood pressure, profuse sweating, dizziness, blurred vision, nausea and pain and swelling around the bite.  Anti-toxin is available to combat the neurotoxin.  If bitten, call a physician or go to an emergency room immediately.  Bites are rarely fatal when promptly treated.  Small children are at a greater risk.

The wolf spider is a large, hairy spider that can move quickly.  They will chase their prey during the night, but during the day they usually retreat to a burrow.  Because they can move quickly, these spiders are often seen, which alarms some people.  Within the United States and Canada, there are more than 100 species of wolf spiders.

Jumping spiders are also active hunters.  They stalk and pounce on their prey rather than use silk to snare it.  They are capable of jumping up to one inch when hunting, but if they're threatened, they can jump twenty times their body length.  They have large eyes, and the most common species are brightly colored.

Micro-encapsulated products work best with spiders because they will stick to their legs and attack their central nervous system.

Powder-based products are not as effective because their bodies do not touch the ground as they crawl over surfaces.  Also, products with low residual value don't work as well.

Let Edge Pest Control get rid of spiders in your home and yard. Contact them at (801) 569-3343 or visit: Edge Pest Control.

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