The Rose Clinic 's Tool for Smoother Skin

Dr. Kevin Rose with The Rose Clinic came on Good Things Utah to talk about the clinic's new skin tightening machine the E-Matrix.  It has little down time.

Dr. Rose says the E-Matrix does the following:
-Helps with Toothpick/Acne scarring, which has been very hard to treat prior to this
-It's the only fractional treatment that can be used safely on all skin types
-No clinical side effects have been reported to date
-Unlike other fractional lasers E-Matrix is very tolerable and you have much less down time
-You can continue to see your results improve up to one year after treatment
-The texture of your skin is improved, it becomes smoother and more elastic
-Mild to moderate wrinkles are reduced
-Superficial skin discolorations are reduced (but if you have a lot of skin damage you should consider doing a skin lightening treatment along with an E-Matrix treatment)
-After treatment new healthy skin cells are produced and it increases your levels of collagen
-It does all of this while keeping the top layer of your skin intact (new technology)
-It is recommend that you do a series of 3-6 treatments but you will see results just after 1
-The Rose Clinic has a promotion of buy 2 get your 3rd treatment free and if you buy 4 you get your 5th and 6th treatment for free

The Rose Clinic is located at 320 West River Park Drive in Provo.  (801) 375-ROSE or (888) 270-ROSE.  You can also visit their website:

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